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For over 30 years, Tamworth has been the heartbeat of our business.  Our sales team is directly supported by our cutting edge lean manufacturing facility to provide quality Australian made product to our fencing partners nationwide.

 Lachlan Williams, Director


Buy direct from our local factory for a stylish, functional, and hassle free fence solution.

Looking to protect your property and your people with a durable fencing solution? Bluedog Fences has a range of systems for public and commerical use that comply with a multitude of Australian and State Standards and come with a 10 year colour fastness warranty delivering exceptional value and peace of mind.

Our product is stronger and more durable, backed by our commitment to Lean manufacturing including in-house fabrication, certified chemical cleaning and powder coating, conducted to the highest standard.

We carry 'off the shelf' stock as well as a wider range of powder coated tubular steel fence types, styles, heights and colors. We love nerdy steel talk and are happy to work with you to meet your specifications. 

Having manufactured powder coated tubular steel fencing in Tamworth for over 20 years, all our fence designs are well refined and give a strong, stylish and long lasting outcome. Drawing on this depth of experience, we also understand that for our customers it is not just about the price or the end product but is about a rewarding and hassle free buying experience from the initial enquiry through to final payment.

Being local, our staff take that extra bit of care and pride in making, finishing and packing each job.

HEAD OFFICE (02) 6755 6444
ADDRESS 6 Wirraway Street Tamworth NSW
EMAIL woof@bluedogfences.com.au
AREA 6 Wirraway St, Tamworth NSW 2340

  • Local

    Our fences are made in Tamworth, NSW. 
    By choosing a Bluedog Fence, you’re supporting a home-grown Australian business and local jobs in a thriving regional community.

  • National
    Sales and Service

    We understand the conditions you're working in and the standards you need to meet, becuase we live here too.
    Pick up the dog and bone to talk about your next fencing job.

  • Australia-wide

    From the tip of the Cape to inner-city property, we're all over Australia.
    We're like a dog with a bone, and are happy to chat about supplying a Bluedog Fence anywhere in our beautiful country.

  • Tamworth
    Head Office

    Our Head Office is on site with our factory in Tamworth, NSW.
    Working closely together with our team, we're across the whole process from concept to delivery to closing the gates with your install partner. 


David Johnson image
David Johnson

David Johnson

Business Development Manager (NSW & ACT)

Experience: Over 3 years
Based in: Tamworth, Bluedog Fences Australia

About David

Hey I'm David, spearheading business development initiatives at Bluedog Fences Australia,  No two days are the same for me – from being behind the desk answering calls, punching out quotes, researching growth opportunities, to hitting the road visiting clients. My trusty laptop and company car are my companions in ensuring smooth sailing for our customers.

What drew me to Bluedog Fences Australia was the impressive structure, the processes in place, and of course, the phenomenal products. From the moment I stepped onto the factory floor, I knew I wanted to be a part of this team of good people creating great products.

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Pastime: Family time, coaching the North Companions FC seniors soccer team, playing soccer, and the occasional game of golf.
  • Favourite Quote: "The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. But it ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward."
  • Favourite Drink: A nice cold Great Northern Super Crisp schooner!

Experience & Skills

My enthusiasm and desire to make a difference drive me every day. With vast experience in customer service and effective communication, I bring adept interpersonal skills and leadership qualities to the table. My knack for planning and researching has been crucial in navigating the various challenges and opportunities that come our way.

Memorable Work Story

In the early days, I helped on-site with a school project in Manilla. It was a light-bulb moment for me, realizing I was part of a fantastic team and working with an outstanding product. It cemented my decision to be part of this incredible company.

David's Philosophy:

  • Guiding Principle: "What would John Wayne do?" A gem from an experienced colleague that guides not only my work but also my daily life.
  • Work Approach: Always ask questions if unsure – that’s how we learn, grow, and become valuable assets to the team and the company’s future.

Dream Lunch Date:

Lunch with someone from our production management team to gain a better perspective and appreciation of their processes and protocols in the manufacturing chain.

Why Bluedog?

The inclusive environment and the exceptional people make Bluedog Fences Australia awesome to be a part of. Promoting and selling products that we are proud of is just the icing on the cake!




Tony Ryan image
Tony Ryan

Tony Ryan

Sales and Project Manager (NSW & ACT)

Experience: Nearly 3.5 Years
Based in: Remote Worker from Port Macquarie

About Tone

How ya goin'? I’m Tone, working from the beautiful Port Macquarie and balancing work with family life. My days often start according to the kids' schedules, but you'll usually find me in my home office (aka the lounge room), attending to customers over phone and email. Every six weeks or so, I venture out on the road, aiming to meet existing or potential customers.

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Pastime: Whether it's hitting the golf course, relaxing at the beach, or taking the kids camping, I'm all in!
  • Favourite Joke: What did the Whale say to the Container Ship? I can see your Bum!
  • Favourite Quote: Work hard and learn as much as you can.

Skills & Achievements

I pride myself on being genuine with all my customers. I strive to be the kind of salesperson I’d like to work with – authentic and reliable.

Memorable Work Story

A memorable snapshot was seeing Lachlan, drill in hand, helping James O'Donnell put up some fence panels in Qld. It truly showcased the team spirit we uphold!

Dream Lunch Date:

I’d pick Chad Sinclair – it’d be intriguing to delve into how that unique brain of his functions!

Tone's Philosophy:

  • Stay Relaxed: Don't sweat the small stuff, as Chad wisely says.
  • Work Approach: Be yourself. Enjoy yourself. Work hard & learn.

Why Bluedog Fences?

Bluedog Fences Australia stands out for its commitment to Australian manufacturing and top-notch quality. It’s rewarding to see customers realise the difference in our products and service. We have a diverse but united team, all committed to producing the best fencing products and getting along splendidly.

If you’re around Port Macquarie and keen on talking fences, give me a buzz! I’m always up for a chat over a schooner of Tooheys New!

Ben Searle image
Ben Searle

Ben Searle

Sales and Project Manager (SA & VIC)

Experience: Since November 2017
Based in: Adelaide

About Ben

Hi, I’m Ben! As a Sales and Project Manager at Bluedog Fences Australia, every day brings new experiences – from operating a forklift and providing technical specifications to onsite estimating for local and regional projects, and offering national online support. Representing an iconic Australian brand like Bluedog Fences, known for supporting Australian manufacturing, fills me with immense pride.

Fun Facts:

  • Hobbies: I love weekend getaways with the family and ardently follow the Adelaide Crows!
  • Favourite Joke: "Dad, I'm hungry. Hi hungry, I'm Dad."
  • Motto: "Do not worry about the things you cannot control."

Skills & Achievements

Equipped with an intimate knowledge of Toyota Production System principles, I bring strategic thinking, planning, and organisational skills to the table. My keen eye for detail ensures that every project is executed to perfection.

Memorable Work Story

A truly unique experience was learning about Goanna leg wrestling! It’s just one of the quirky, unforgettable moments that make working at Bluedog Fences so special.

Ben's Philosophy:

  • Customer Relations: Listening to what your customer requires is the first step to offering a suitable solution.
  • Learning: Be open and willing to learn from those who are more experienced.

Dream Role Swap:

I’d love to swap roles with the QLD team and base myself there to explore the wonders of Fraser Island and Cape York.

Why Bluedog Fences?

It’s the camaraderie and spirit of the great team here that makes every day rewarding. We’re not just building fences; we’re building relationships, learning, and growing together.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat about fences, the Adelaide Crows, or anything in between!

Ben Scott image
Ben Scott

Ben Scott

Sales Support (QLD)

Experience: 8 months
Based in: Burpengary, Queensland

About Ben

Howdy! I’m Benno, holding the fort at the Burpengary branch of Bluedog Fences. My days are pretty diverse – from manicuring the garden, consulting with customers and transport companies, to preparing orders and loading goods with the forklift. And, of course, reviewing the local counter meals!

I’m proud to be part of an Australian company like Bluedog Fences, where there’s a strong focus on both product and employee development.

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Pastime: Lawn Bowls – nothing like a good roll on a sunny day!
  • Favourite Joke: What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A dinosnore!
  • Favourite Quote: "Just like a forklift, aim high."

Skills & Achievements

One of my prized achievements here is earning my forklift licence. Operating the forklift in a safe and timely manner is something I take great pride in!

Memorable Work Story

One of the highlights of my time here was meeting Andrew Davis. It’s interactions like these that make the job even more rewarding!

Ben's Philosophy:

  • Safety First: Don’t look at the welding flash – safety never takes a holiday!
  • Work Approach: Being meticulous and prioritizing safety ensures we all get to head home to our families every day.

Why Bluedog Fences?

Being part of the team at Bluedog Fences feels like being part of a family. It’s not just about the fences we build, but also the strong bonds we create along the way.

If you’re around the Burpengary branch, drop by for a yarn and let’s make your fencing dreams come true at Bluedog Fences!

Scott Allen image
Scott Allen

Scott Allen

Sales, Project Manager, Warehouse Officer (SA & VIC)

Experience: 8 Years
Based in: Adelaide Office, Bluedog Fences Australia

About Woody

G'day! Meet Woody, your go-to guy at the Adelaide office of Bluedog Fences Australia. Whether it’s sales, project management, organising freight, or dealing with our valued customers, I’m your man. I also make it a point to hit the road, catching up with new and old customers, and spec’ing jobs. I appreciate the freedom Bluedog offers, allowing me to excel in my role.

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Pastime: Love indulging in all sorts of sports and spending quality time with friends and family.
  • Favourite Joke: What did the cheese say when he looked in the mirror? Halloumi.
  • Favourite Quote: "Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value" - Albert Einstein

Skills & Achievements

With over 20 years of experience in fencing, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that our customers always receive the best.

Memorable Work Story

One of the unique opportunities we had was going to a shooting gallery. It was an unforgettable experience and a nice change of pace from the daily grind!

Dream Lunch Date:

Chad Sinclair would be my pick – he seems to know all the good pie shops around!

Woody's Philosophy:

  • Stay Positive: Don't let the slow days get you down. Every day is a new opportunity.
  • Work Approach: Head down, bum up. And remember, the warehouse always needs sweeping.

Why Bluedog Fences?

Working with Bluedog Fences Australia has been a journey of growth and learning. The camaraderie here is unmatched, and the shared dedication towards our craft makes it a fulfilling experience.

Pop by our Adelaide office, and let’s talk fencing – Bluedog style!

Chad Sinclair (NSW & ACT) image
Chad Sinclair (NSW & ACT)

Chad Sinclair (NSW & ACT)

Project Manager and Sales

Experience: 19 years
Based in: Tamworth, NSW, Australia

About Chad

I’m Chad, your go-to bloke for everything project management and sales here at Bluedog Fences Australia. I’m in the office about 60% of the week, but you might also catch me onsite with contractors, meeting clients, or doing site measure-ups for quotes. My mornings usually kick off with a friendly hello to the team before I dive into planning the day.

I joined the team to give my body a bit of a breather from fencing, but the fantastic culture here made the decision a no-brainer. I love traveling to remote towns, building strong relationships, and seeing how much folks appreciate our help with their projects.

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Pastime: Working at home on the farm, tending to my cattle. It’s a refreshing break from the regular work week!
  • Favourite Joke: Why did the Koala fall out of the tree? It was dead!
  • Favourite Quote: "When you feel like you can't go on, just keep going."
  • Favourite Grub: Nothing beats a good beer and wings!

Experience & Skills

With a broad experience in rural and construction industries, I can talk the talk and walk the walk. Relating to customers and understanding their needs comes easy to me, thanks to my diverse background. I truly believe that everyone has something to offer and no one is above anyone else.

Memorable Work Story

Once, I accidentally sent our installers to the wrong address. The homeowners returned to find a new fence (which they loved)! It was a free upgrade for them since we had to pull down their original fence. Classic mix-up, but it all worked out in the end!

Chad's Philosophy:

  • Attention to Detail: Check, check again, and recheck.
  • Work Approach: Smile, have fun, and always look at the long term. I’m grateful to be part of a business that’s always evolving and striving to improve.
  • Management Philosophy: I value the freedom my position offers, and I believe in keeping the door always open for anyone in the team.

Dream Lunch Date:

Sharing a meal with the CEO and heading to a Sharkie's game!

Why Bluedog Fences?

Just from a personal point of view I don't like working to a clock and my position gives me freedom. For everyone I feel that they are always able to approach management anytime as the door is always open.

Lachlan WIlliams image
Lachlan WIlliams

Lachlan WIlliams


Experience: 6 Years
Based in: Queensland

About Lachlan

I’m Lachlan, but you can call me Lachy. As the CEO of Bluedog Fences Australia, my days are a vibrant mix of sales, management, and strategic planning. I was drawn to Bluedog’s strong brand, reputation for quality products, and industry-leading customer service. It’s awesome seeing our top-notch products installed all around Australia!

Fun Facts:

  • Hobbies: Whether it’s watching sports, swimming, golfing, or spending quality time with the family, I’m all in!
  • Favourite Joke: "What's green and got wheels? Grass. (I lied about the wheels)"
  • Motto: Keep it simple, embrace the journey!

Skills & Achievements

My forte lies in organisational skills, a passion for sales, and fostering relationships with our diverse customer base. I’m all about ensuring that Bluedog remains synonymous with quality and exceptional service.

Memorable Work Story

Ah, our Christmas parties! Let’s just say, they’ve been host to a few moments of pure, unforgettable madness.

Lachlan's Philosophy:

  • Learning: Absorb wisdom from your peers and immerse yourself in the culture.
  • Golden Rule: Simplicity is key, and embracing each moment makes the journey worthwhile.

Why Bluedog Fences?

It’s all about our unwavering commitment to quality and the strong identity of our brand. Every day, I’m proud to lead a team that stands for excellence and innovation in the fencing industry.

If you fancy a chat or have any queries, feel free to reach out. Here’s to more growth, success, and perhaps a few more moments of madness at Bluedog Fences Australia!

Michael Northill image
Michael Northill

Michael Northill

Production Manager

Role: Production Manager
Experience: 18 Years

About Mick

Heya, I’m Mick, the man behind the scenes at Bluedog Fences Australia, overseeing scheduling production, maintenance, and ensuring all our top-notch fences are ready for dispatch. With a background in paint, I found my calling on the powder line at Bluedog and haven’t looked back since!

Witnessing a piece of steel transform into a fence and add value to the properties we serve is what makes this journey truly rewarding.

Fun Facts:

  • Favourite Pastime: Making things in the shed – there’s nothing like crafting with your own hands!
  • Favourite Joke: "A turkey reached the top of a tree with the help of bull dung, only to be shot by a farmer. Moral of the story – Bull dung might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there!"
  • Favourite Quote: "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

Skills & Achievements

With a knack for problem-solving, I take pride in navigating through challenges and ensuring smooth operations on the factory floor.

Memorable Work Story

One of the most memorable moments for me was moving our factory to its current site, making improvements, and seeing it bounce back up and running. It’s milestones like these that make the journey worthwhile!

Mick's Philosophy:

  • Sharing is Caring: "Knowledge doesn't get you very far – sharing knowledge gets you further."
  • Work Approach: "Ask questions. Get involved, then ask more questions."

Dream Lunch Date:

Anywhere in the factory! I love being on the tools and being hands-on is where I feel at home.

Why Bluedog Fences?

It’s the people that make Bluedog Fences Australia extraordinary – from the factory floor to sales to management, we are one great team! Every day here is a testament to the camaraderie and the shared passion for creating value with our fences.

Jacob McGoldrick image
Jacob McGoldrick

Jacob McGoldrick

Floor Manager

Experience: 8 and a Half Years

About Jacob

G’day! I’m Jacob, the guy who keeps the factory floor running smoothly here at Bluedog Fences Australia. After a stint in retail, I was looking for something different and stumbled upon this great company with a vibrant work culture. My days are all about organising jobs, ensuring a smooth workflow, and getting a top-quality product out the door with a group of fantastic guys.

Fun Facts:

  • Hobbies: Whether it’s playing or watching sports, spending quality time with my family, or indulging my inner nerd with a bit of gaming, I’m in!
  • Favourite Joke: Yesterday I finally finished a jigsaw puzzle, took me 2 whole weeks. Which is actually really good considering the box said 2-4 years!
  • Motto: “Whatever it takes” and “It is what it is.”

Skills & Achievements

I’d say my knack for being easy-going and open-minded to fresh ideas and views comes in handy on the factory floor.

Memorable Work Story

One hilarious memory (well, for everyone but Frank) was hiding two stray dogs that had wandered into our yard in the back seat of Frank's car. He didn’t notice until he was about to drive off! I copped a bit of a spray from him, but it was worth it for the laughs.

Jacob's Philosophy:

  • Keep It Simple: K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) is a mantra I stick by.
  • Light-hearted Approach: Mistakes happen, so don’t take yourself too seriously.

Why Bluedog Fences?

What’s not to love? We’ve got a great team, a top-notch product, and the occasional Friday BBQ that’s hard to beat!

Whether you’re interested in discussing fences or just up for a chat, I’m your guy. And if you fancy a drink, I won’t say no to a whisky or a Margarita!

Mark Forbes image
Mark Forbes

Mark Forbes

General Manager

Experience: Since October 2022
Based in: Tamworth, Australia

About Mark

Hello there! I’m Mark, the General Manager at Bluedog Fences Australia, where I’m knee-deep in quality, sales, manufacturing, and distribution. With every day bringing something new, I could be in the office, on the factory floor, or out meeting our valued customers. I joined the pack because of the incredible people and the opportunity to be part of an organised, focused, and quintessentially Australian venture.

Fun Facts:

  • Hobbies: Family time, caravan getaways, and golf are my go-to for relaxation.
  • Favourite Joke: "What do you call a guy with no arms or legs... In a pile of leaves? Russell... In a lake? Bob... You get the gist; I have a whole list!"
  • Motto: "Karma is the most powerful force in the universe!"

Skills & Achievements

I consider myself an energy giver, always trying to empathize and understand others’ perspectives when making impactful decisions.

Memorable Work Story

Picture this: my second day on the job, Melbourne Cup Day. Mid-bite into a Chicken Kiev ball – bang! Garlic oil explosion on my new work shirt. There I was, making quite the impression with my new colleagues for the entire afternoon!

Mark's Philosophy:

  • Work-Life Balance: Work to live, don’t live to work.
  • Decision-Making Mantra: If you're not sure, just ask yourself, "What would Chad do?"

Why Bluedog Fences?

It’s the people! The camaraderie, the commitment, and the collaborative spirit make Bluedog special. Plus, being part of an all-Australian manufacturing business adds to the pride.

If you fancy a chat over a pale ale or a glass of red wine, I’m your man! Here’s to many more interesting days and exploding Chicken Kievs at Bluedog Fences Australia!

Andrew Davis image
Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis

Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Nickname: Franky
Experience: 15 Years

About Andrew

Greetings! I’m Andrew, but folks around here call me Franky. As the Purchasing & Logistics Manager at Bluedog Fences Australia, my tools of the trade are the keyboard, mouse, and phone, ensuring every task is accomplished seamlessly. I'm here because of the camaraderie, the unique culture, and the tremendous growth I've experienced, all of which have pushed me outside my comfort zone, shaping me into a versatile professional.

Fun Facts:

  • Hobbies: My heart belongs to my wife and two daughters. Coaching my youngest daughter's team and cheering for the Broncos in NRL, alongside enjoying MMA and Boxing, are the joys of my life.
  • Favourite Joke: "What happened when the Blonde tried to blow up her husband's car? She burnt her lips."
  • Motto: "Life's a garden, Dig it" - Joe Dirt.

Skills & Achievements

My enthusiasm and vibrant personality allow me to navigate the complexities of purchasing and logistics, ensuring the smooth functioning of our operations.

Memorable Work Story

The lunchtime handball tournaments are a hilarious and energetic break from our routines, adding a dash of fun to our working hours.

Andrew's Philosophy:

  • Don't Stress: Taking a calm approach helps in tackling challenges effectively.
  • Inquisitive Learning: Asking lots of questions and showing enthusiasm are the fastest ways to learn and grow.

Dream Role Swap:

I'd opt for any role, just not Chad’s – his job seems a bit too hard on the hands!

Why Bluedog Fences?

It’s the culture here at Bluedog Fences Australia that makes every day worthwhile. The synergy, mutual respect, and shared goals create an environment where every individual can thrive.

If you have any inquiries about purchasing, logistics, or just need a sports buddy to chat with, feel free to reach out!

Kristy Williams image
Kristy Williams


Special Coating
Aussie Bred
Value for Money
  • Special Coating

    The iconic blue dog is born with a pure white coat before growing into a weather-resistant double coat. 

    A Bluedog Fence works from the same principles, beginning with 100% Australian raw steel before receiving a zinc coating to deliver superior protection against corrosion and rust - we call it the coat made for Australian conditions.

  • Aussie Bred

    With Aussie ingenuity and determination, our innovative products have been designed with strength and safety in mind, and often exceed the Australian Standard.

    By choosing a Bluedog Fence, you’re supporting a home-grown Australian business and local jobs for a team that understands your job and the unique conditions you’re working in.

  • Value for Money

    With Bluedog Fences, it’s not just another fence. We promise to stand the test of time and look great for longer with our 10 year colour fastness warranty.

    Our products outlast the competition thanks to 100% Australian steel, superior zinc coating and a commitment to innovation to deliver safety, security and peace of mind.

  • Reliability

    At Bluedog Fences, we believe in doing things right the first time. Our lean manufacturing process is designed to keep our whole pack working in an organised, safe and clean working environment so we can deliver the highest quality fencing products, every time. Like all good working dogs, we’re dynamic, nimble and competitive - and always ready to work.