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358 Welded Mesh Fencing - GuardForce®

Intruder resistant fence system for a long lasting perimeter security solution.
External view GuardForce® Max 4mm horizontal and 5.6mm vertical wire


GuardForce® is our proprietary 358 welded mesh fence system. It has been principally designed to prevent unauthorised access to high hazard or value assets, such as rail corridors, correctional facilities, substations and airports. The standard arrangement is a 2400mm high sheet secured with tamper resistant fixings to specially designed posts and top and bottom rails. 358 mesh denotes vertical wires resistance welded at 3 inch (75mm) centres, horizontal wires at 0.5 inch (12.5mm) centres using a 8 gauge (Ø4mm) wire. The tight wire spacing makes the panel very hard to climb without the aid of tools and time consuming to cut.

At the same time the mesh maintains a high level of surveillance through the fence to assist detection and recording of intruders. The fencing is combined with our heavy duty hinges and Bolt’nLock® locking hardware for an integrated solution.

  • Reduced financial loss due to theft, damage and vandalism.
  • Peace of mind that the duty of care to protect people from extreme hazards has been met
  • Long run prevention of actual harm or serious injury
  • Modular design that is safer and easier to install
  • Time and cost saving by way of reduced maintenance costs and extended product life
  • Vandal resistant and locking hardware
  • Compliant with national guidelines for electrical substations
  • Certified to withstand loadings per Australian standards


All steel work is hot dip galvanised after fabrication and the wire of the mesh panel has a zinc alloy finish making the assembly highly corrosion resistant.

Contact us for details on our higher security GuardForce Max® welded mesh system.


  • National
    guideline compliant
  • Deter vandals and troublemakers
  • High security
    and peace of mind
  • Lean Manufacturing process


Electrical substation compliant
Electrical substation compliant
Secure high-risk assets or the whole perimiter
Secure high-risk assets or the whole perimiter
High surveillance visibility
High surveillance visibility
Serrated top option
Serrated top option
Finger-proof anti-climb mesh
Finger-proof anti-climb mesh
Barbed top option
Barbed top option
Short barb razor tape option
Short barb razor tape option
Vandal resistant fixings and hardware
Vandal resistant fixings and hardware


Special Coating
Aussie Bred
Value for Money
  • Special Coating

    The iconic blue dog is born with a pure white coat before growing into a weather-resistant double coat. 

    A Bluedog Fence works from the same principles, beginning with 100% Australian raw steel before receiving a zinc coating to deliver superior protection against corrosion and rust - we call it the coat made for Australian conditions.

  • Aussie Bred

    With Aussie ingenuity and determination, our innovative products have been designed with strength and safety in mind, and often exceed the Australian Standard.

    By choosing a Bluedog Fence, you’re supporting a home-grown Australian business and local jobs for a team that understands your job and the unique conditions you’re working in.

  • Value for Money

    With Bluedog Fences, it’s not just another fence. We promise to stand the test of time and look great for longer with our 10 year colour fastness warranty.

    Our products outlast the competition thanks to 100% Australian steel, superior zinc coating and a commitment to innovation to deliver safety, security and peace of mind.

  • Reliability

    At Bluedog Fences, we believe in doing things right the first time. Our lean manufacturing process is designed to keep our whole pack working in an organised, safe and clean working environment so we can deliver the highest quality fencing products, every time. Like all good working dogs, we’re dynamic, nimble and competitive - and always ready to work.

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