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Mortlake’s Win For Public School Fencing

Posted on 24th Jan 2016


School perimeter security fencing

In June 2013, The Sunday Telegraph ran a story regarding the problem of intruders entering the grounds of NSW schools without permission, stating it was being reported twice a week and that there were 20 reports of intruders at government schools during term 4 in 2014.

Mortlake Public School was featured in the article and reported the school community had been lobbying for 6 years to receive a school security perimeter fence and had gathered over 600 signatures that were later tabled in parliament.

Bluedog was mentioned in this article as an approved fencing supplier and was later awarded the project. Liberal MP John Sidoti who lobbied hard for the project was quoted at the time as saying “People power has won again with this great announcement through the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnerships program.”

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Mortlake Public School was established with the opening on 27 July 1887. It was a wooden structure of two classrooms on a 2 acre lot. The enrolment at the end of the year was 135. A new school was officially opened on 2nd August 1924, with the addition of an acre to the school site and new buildings to accommodate the growing enrolment. Current enrolments are about 300 students having reached a high of 1,346 many years ago.


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Along with working during record rainfall for Sydney, Bluedog had to overcome challenges including:

  • Excavating footings in close proximity to the large roots of a Morton Bay Fig without damaging the roots.
  • Design and install a self-closing single gate at the main entrance to be fitted with a dead latch and electric strike with key pad and intercom access.
  • Configuration of double gates so the gate leaves could swing back on themselves so as to not impinge on the available parking space.
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring stringent WHS work flow protocols for working during school term.


Bluedog overcame the challenges of the project, designing and manufacturing a fence system that saved client money and increased the speed of installation. Key factors contributing to the positive result included the new fence posts being able to be sleeved over existing posts, achieving installation around the roots of the Morton Bay Fig, the ability for school staff to unlock the gate from the school reception and the gate having functionality to swing back on itself.


I am extremely happy with Andy and his team. They delivered what they promised, when they promised in a highly professional and outstanding way. Communication was excellent leading up to, during and after the
construction of the fence.

The workmen were efficient, tidy, patient and very accommodating. They explained every part of this project, especially Chris who was happy to discuss issues such as the locks, video man, etc. I truly valued and respected his advice and suggestions.

The quality of the fence is outstanding. I highly recommend this company and have already mentioned to name to other Principals and community members who asked me about the fence.

Thank you so much Andy and Chris and I wish you all the very best. Excellent service, excellent communication, excellent product and excellent price. Congratulations on an outstanding and successful project. BLUE DOG IS A HOWLING SUCCESS!

Elizabeth Bransgrove - Principal of School

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